Paving New Roads: Lendable’s Strategic Investment in Solvento

Lendable is excited to announce a significant investment in Solvento, a dynamic fintech company reshaping the logistics landscape in Latin America. Solvento, headquartered in Mexico City, is a digital platform that empowers small and medium-sized trucking companies in Mexico by providing them with much-needed access to capital through working capital loans.

Solvento is at the forefront of technological innovation in the trucking industry. With its AI-powered software, Solvento Audita, the company is bringing a new level of efficiency to the accounts payable process, a critical component for the on-the-road freight industry.

Lendable’s investment in Solvento includes a $50M debt facility, a clear indicator of Lendable’s belief in Solvento’s potential to redefine the financial dynamics of the logistics industry. This strategic move aligns with Lendable’s mission of supporting innovative financial solutions in emerging markets.

The impact of Solvento’s solution on the logistics sector is poised to be transformative. By enhancing payment processes and providing liquidity for carriers, Solvento is setting the stage for quicker payments to drivers, addressing key industry challenges such as the driver capacity deficit.

Iñaki Garcia Llorente, Head of LatAm Investments at Lendable, comments on the investment, “We are proud to be part of Solvento’s journey towards a more inclusive and diverse financial state in the Latin American logistics sector.” Jaime Tabachnik, Co-Founder & CEO of Solvento, further emphasizes the significance of this partnership, “This investment propels our mission to modernize the logistics industry and improve financial inclusion.”

This investment in Solvento marks an important step in Lendable’s ongoing commitment to creating a more economically just world. Lendable believes this partnership will catalyze significant growth and innovation in the logistics industry across Latin America.

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