Lendable uses impact investing to help people and the planet. Our exciting and innovative opportunities – for both investors and borrowers – are designed to make the world more economically just and environmentally sustainable.


Lendable offers a suite of possibilities for professional investors depending upon their liquidity needs, impact goals and commitment size.

Private Debt Fund

Our private debt fund offers a diversified portfolio of impactful investments in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It is an open ended fund and offers quarterly liquidity.


Via our proprietary co-investment platform, Lendable offers access to fast growing fintechs and sustainability linked transactions to suit investor objectives. These investments are supported by our Maestro technology, providing in-depth and ongoing data verification and analysis risk and impact monitoring.

Blended Finance Funds

Seven DFI's have partnered with Lendable to inspire private capital to mobilise investment that delivers compelling impact. Our closed ended fund invests in fintechs in emerging and frontier markets.

Advisory Services

Our range of advisory services include: in-country collateral monitoring & verification, impact auditing & assessment, climate & SDG monitoring and verification, market mapping & policy advisory, and investment impact outcomes.