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Lendable provides asset management, financial and impact monitoring, and co-investment opportunities to some of the world’s leading investors. We provide solutions to over one hundred institutions, family offices, registered investment advisors, development finance institutions, aid organizations and high net worths.

Some of our partners

Maestro risk management

Enhanced risk and impact analysis is Lendable’s strength, and our business is underpinned by Maestro – our proprietary technology platform that supports all underwriting and monitoring. Maestro enhances due diligence and monitoring – with live monitoring of underlying portfolio data.

Maestro accesses detailed, loan-level data, verified through third parties such as mobile money payment gateways and banks.

Unique loans analysed in 26 countries
+ 0 m
in remittance data analysed across more than 29 currencies
+$ 0 bn

Maestro supports a variety of tech infrastructure and products for better impact investing

Borrower analysis: In-depth portfolio analysis for underwriting

Collateral monitor: Collateral and portfolio health monitoring for all borrowers

Portfolio monitor: Aggregated risk monitoring across entire fund

Impact edge: Real time impact monitoring, IRIS+ and SFDR reporting

Tech infrastructure and products for better impact investing

Data Integration

Integrations team fully integrate with the borrower’s internal system to access granular, loan-level data

Predictive Engine

Engineering team store transaction level data ready for verification and analysis

Automated Analysis

Once we have accurate data, we create standardised metrics for analysis


Data is verified against third parties to ensure accuracy


Integrations team transform data into Lendable standard form to create one homogenous data set

Big Data Storage

Our resulting database houses over 638 million individual transactions and their metrics


Live performance monitoring gives us access to early warning signs of portfolio and aggregated risks