For Borrowers

Lendable supports the growth of fintechs and climate solutions in emerging and frontier markets. We provide the capital, expertise and insights that businesses need to scale company growth and deliver transformational impacts in local communities.

Our local origination teams have extensive experience structuring deals in frontier and emerging markets, and are focused on sourcing a diversified portfolio of borrowers that will grow with us long term.

Our borrowers are more than just clients, they are our partners. We offer ongoing support, growing with our partners as they reach new milestones.

Global expertise – local engagement

At the heart of the Lendable solution is a combination of global expertise and local insight. We have offices in London, Nairobi and Singapore – connecting our African, Latin American and Asian regions to global financial centres.

It means that we are fully engaged – our insight doesn’t come through a computer screen half a world away from the action. Our people understand global financial trends, their local markets and individual borrowers – and we see the very real impact that our partners make, day after day.

With deep knowledge of all the complexities in play when working to scale our partners and climate solutions, we are able to support borrowers as they translate innovative ideas into transformational businesses.

Debt Solutions

Debt financing is an alternative to equity financing, allowing fintechs to scale without diluting ownership. For founders and managers at start-ups, the ability to raise debt protects equity ownership and provides what is often a more relevant, lower cost capital tool to finance working capital needs. Nonetheless, when evaluating debt options, it’s important to consider several points, including assessing readiness, gauging debt needs, and choosing the right debt partner.

Our team is always on hand to offer guidance and help you decide whether debt financing is right for your business.

Qualifying Sectors and Companies

We offer capital solutions to exciting tech companies across a range of areas.

Qualifying sectors encompass MSME lenders, asset lenders, consumer lenders, embedded finance, payment companies, SaaS and climate finance. Qualifying companies all exemplify ‘Lendable DNA’, demonstrating high quality, high impact products that bring meaningful value to end users – and a sound financial base. We look for high quality management teams with whom we can build long-term relationships, to partner with them as they scale their businesses.

MSME lenders

Fintechs that support MSMEs – the foundations of emerging market economies – by providing critical capital growth

Asset Lenders

Fintechs that support productive assets that allow micro-entrepreneurs to grow revenues and economic opportunity in their communities

Consumer Lenders

Fintechs that support innovation in consumer lending to provide better financial services to the under-banked

Embedded Finance

Fintechs that support effective and efficient supply chains

Payment Companies

Digital payments lower costs considerably and increase financial access


Technology companies that increase access to essential services

Climate Finance

Supporting a shift to more sustainable practices to avoid emissions and create a more inclusive economy
Lendable partners with borrowers to address their unique needs - adapting our solutions at speed as fintechs thrive and scale.

Debt Financing

Lendable partners with fintechs to devise custom debt capital solutions to help scale successful businesses. We provide balance sheet debt and can structure SPVs for business expansion.
We are always happy to speak to companies that are working towards Lendable criteria and would benefit from our partnership. Contact our region experts today.